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Termites: A Broad Spectrum Nuisance



Insects such as termites, grasshoppers, ants, and mosquitoes are affected greatly by warm to hot weather.  With the change of season, insects are more likely to be seen as they swarm onto your property.  They begin swarming in search of creating new colonies and finding food and water.  In short, insects create a pesky situation, especially termites!

From March to October, depending upon temperatures, termites are actively swarming.  The warmer weather causes termites to find new homes as they go out in search of creating more colonies.  Termites, like ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes, are more prevalent after a mild winter.  This change of temperature sends termites into a breeding frenzy.

Working and Lurking

To the layman, termites look like white ants that begin swarming due to warmer weather.  No different than ants, termites are divided into groups: workers, soldiers, young, and queen.  Each group works for the betterment of the colony, which can hold hundreds to millions of termites.

There are approximately four-thousand species of termites that feed on wood, soil, animal feces, and leaves.  Termites fall into one of five categories according to feeding patterns: subterranean, soil-feeding, drywood, dampwood, and grass-eating.  Subterranean and drywood termites, in particular, cause structural damage in homes and businesses.

The workers forage, store food, and take care of the nest and young.  The worker termites do the laborious work of collecting food for the young.  After gathering food, workers return to the nest.  (Termites may inhabit either underground or above ground nests.)  Above ground nests may be found in timber or inside of fallen trees.  If you have tree stumps or fallen timber, get it out immediately as these are ideal conditions for termite nests.  Other optimum conditions for termites include water damaged areas, overgrown shrubbery, overgrown tress, and exposed wood on or near a home or business.  Unfortunately, termites can eat through siding and structural wood beams.

Termites on Your Turf

Termites act quickly and quietly to damage unprotected homes and businesses.  Often, termites go undetected until the damage is visible on the outside.  Unfortunately, there may already by drastic damage throughout the beams.  Once inside your home, the termites also feast upon paper, cloth, and carpets.

Do you plan on building a new home or business?  If so, consider using termite-resistant concrete, steel, and masonry foundations with embedded physical termite barriers.  Check with your contractor for all options or contact your local pest control company for a list of current treatments for existing structures.

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