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The Psychology of Color


Thinking of changing things up and repainting a room in your house?  Well, there may be more to consider than just what color goes best with your carpet or your couch.  Turns out that color can have an impact on your mood and behavior on a subconscious level.  Research has been done on how the human brain reacts to certain color hues in different social settings and the findings are surprising.  Color in your home sets a mood, so you need to pick a color that will best enhance the mood you want each room to have.  Here’s a quick breakdown of different colors and how they’ve been known to impact human psychology.


Red is a great color to incorporate into rooms where you will do the most entertaining such as dining rooms, kitchens or living rooms.  It’s a color that stimulates the pulse, heart rate and can increase blood pressure, making it a lively color.  On the flip side, it can also increase appetite, so instead of the bold fire engine red, it may be best to go for a darker shade in order to make sure your guests don’t eat you out of house and home.


Orange is not everyone’s go-to color, but it’s a very versatile color to add to your home.  Orange has been found to be energizing during the day and comfy at night. It’s a great color to add to areas like an entrance hall where people socialize.  However, use it only as an accent in rooms like your bedroom where you will want a more soothing vibe.


Yellow is another color that is enlivening.  It has been found to excite the nervous system and encourage creativity, but it’s definitely a color that should be used with care.  It can cause overstimulation which can spark feelings of unease, frustration or irritation.  It’s best to use for an accent wall in a social space.


Green is the color of nature, so it should be no surprise that it has been found to stimulate positive reactions such as contentment, relaxation and even hope and harmony.  So, consider green the go-to color in your home, as any shade of it can be used in almost any room and be successful.


Blue can be a tricky color.  Another color of nature, it may bring thoughts of the ocean or sky to mind, which can be comforting and tranquil and makes it a great color for bedrooms.  But, go for the softer muted shades of blue, they are more soothing and more productive to relaxation.


If you’re looking to impress, then purple is your color.  Purple has long been a color associated with royalty and extravagance, and your brain responds to it by invoking feelings luxuriousness.  And because it’s a combination of blue and red, it has not only a calming influence, but an imaginative one as well.  So, it’s a great color for an office, play room or craft room, where creativity needs to flow.

Now, go forth with this new color knowledge and use it as a tool to create a new mood and vibe in your happy home!

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