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What August Has Left Behind in Your Yard

August is usually a wet month across the United States, but this year it was even worse. The weather provides a boon to your lawn and creates lush grasses, but it also is a boon to the pests that reside there. Here’s what you can do to try and keep those August showers from creating new pest problems in your home.


Wet weather is always good for mosquitoes, which need water to breed. Anytime you have any amount of standing water in your yard it’s going to create a mosquito problem. Make sure you eliminate any standing water – even just a bit – in things such as children’s pools, tarps, and bird baths. Also, make sure to put bug spray on you and your children when you’re playing outside to help keep from being the next meal of a mosquito.

Fire Ants

In areas of the country where fire ants live, such as Texas, the wet weather will drive fire ants from under sidewalks and concrete slabs to the yard, where they create mounds. You have to be careful when out in your yard if you come upon a fire ant mound since their sting can be very painful.


Rodents will also be driven indoors by rain, so you need to make sure they can’t find a way into your home. Any hole, no matter the size, needs to be blocked by wire mesh or caulk so that rodents cannot find access to your home.

What You Can Do

If you want to keep bug populations down in and around your home then you need to make sure you stay on top of your mowing. Any time foliage is high, even just grass, it can create ideal homes for insects to thrive.

GreenArmy knows all the tricks to help keep the pests in and around your home away, so if you have concerns or questions, or notice pest problems, give the pros at GreenArmy a call today!

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