What Makes Us Different From Our Competitors?

The Green Army team of pest professionals is made up of key individuals who have experience with the outdoors, bugs and rodents combining over 25 years in experience.    The formula for success we have built on is “identification” through “inspection” allowing us to determine the best approach when any type of pest, termite or rodent problem arises.   Further, by having some of our key members who served in the military or provided pest control to special operations units, we build upon a training regiment that delivers a very detailed and satisfactory job.   Our company’s key pest technicians and management have handled and seen pests from all over the world and have been through very specific training over the years, making Green Army the ideal professional pest control company.  One of primary differentiator’s is our Green Assurance Protection System (GAPS).   We utilize this system to secure your home from insect entry points utilizing caulk, copper mesh, minor repairs and recommendations on door flashing and other voids around the perimeter of your home.   We also, remove all harborage areas,  debris and trim back bushes and make recommendations on trimming tree limbs back from the home or business.  Green Army can be more fully defined by being thought of as “The Naturally Powered Pest & Termite Plan” for your home or business.

Green Army is a whole new breed of pest control company, and with this mindset, it allows us to determine quickly through our initial consultation with you which program suits your personal needs:   from the purest of a Naturally Powered plan to one that targets specific pests for spot treatments of reduced risk pesticides!   We strive to eliminate or at a minimum reduce pesticides by over 80% in and around your home or business.  We do this by offering a high level of training and discipline.

One of our secret weapons is our business development staff; primarily made up of women (Mom’s), to educate consumers and grow our unique brand in pest and termite services.   Our business development staff are fully licensed, trained and certified in pest programs unique to Green Army.   We build our business through strong referrals, creating a “Movement” in the Pest Management Industry through our unique business development teams and customized plans.

We operate like the largest pest control brand, yet deliver like you were our only customer. We are proud of our ability to perform at such a level and know, our number one way of growing our business is through our satisfied customers!