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Why are fruit flies attracted to the indoors?

Fruit flies are internally hard-wired to detect decaying or rotting fruit and vegetables.  The fruit bowl on your dining room table may not have fruit flies swarming today but you can guarantee that there are many just outside your home waiting for a way inside.  Due to their minute size, fruit flies can enter a house easily through crevices, cracks, windows, window screens, and doors.  Upon entering your home, the fruit flies begin to mate and multiply while feasting on your fermenting fruits and vegetables.

In fact, a fruit fly can enter your home atop your produce fresh from the grocery store or garden.  Fruit flies lay eggs on the skins of ripening fruit and vegetables; thus, those bananas may already harbor the next generation of fruit flies.  Fruit flies multiply quickly as they have a life cycle of only eight days.  A ripening tomato still on the vine may also be growing a pesky fruit fly population that will swarm about unforgiving.

Unfortunately, fruit flies do not require fruit or vegetable to survive and mate.  Fruit flies can reproduce on an old mop or sponge or in the slime layer of stagnant water.  These tiny nuisances multiply quickly and can be tough to get rid of.

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